Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lavender Blossoms

Lavender Blossoms, by Bruce Hedges
A Micro-Mini
2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches
Oil on panel
There are beautiful trees lining many streets in this area. They have lavender-colored blossoms in May, and I've always called them Lavender Trees, but the correct name is Jacaranda Trees.
This tiny painting shows the blossoms close up.


Stacie said...

Another beauty. Will all of your paintings be on ebay at some time?

Chris said...

I think I need some of these little paintings in my home. You need to sell them.

Becky said...

Purple is my favorite color. I hope to see more and more of your work. You're totally awesome, dude :) Wonderful work.

Jennifer said...

I look at your paintings every day because they are so beautiful. I'm still awed by you.

Anonymous said...

These flowers appear to be resting in snow...

How lovely to bring something like this to life.

Please post more.

Chris said...

Who is the lucky person who bought this beautiful little painting? If you can't say, that's ok. I'm just curious.