Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pirate and Pretty Girl Drawing

Pencil on Paper (Bristol board) 11 x 14 inches
Well, it looks like my blog is back from the dead. I am working on a commissioned painting and don't have time to do a daily painting, between the commissioned piece and my day job. So, I will post some drawings I have done in the past (recent and distant). Some drawings will be school work, some will be portfolio pieces (like this one), some will be quick sketches I will do in the near future, and some will be from my archives. I have a lot of drawings to show, so I might as well keep my blog alive until I can do new paintings.


Becky said...

Whoa....his weathered, muscular face held me captive for a moment. I want to hear his sea stories. And she has the prettiest hands. I'm so happy to see more of your work. I love the idea of using your sketches, etc here for us to see. Thanks!

Stacie said...

Yea! Happy to see more of your art!