Sunday, March 2, 2008

Painting in progress 3-2-08

Painting in progress -- sketch 3-2-08
Oil on illustration board
8 X 12 inches

This is a sketch for a commissioned painting I'm working on.

Painting in progress 3-2-08
Oil on linen
16 X 24 inches

This is the canvas in its current state.

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Anonymous said...

It's quite a treat to see this here, Bruce, but as the "commissioner," I have to tell everyone that this is actually so much more beautiful than what a computer monitor can capture.

Bruce has been an absolute gem to work with. I hope he'll show the photograph from which this painting was taken, and you'll get an idea of how much he had to invent (the sky, walkway, pools, plant).

It's coming along beautifully, Bruce! Thank you for all your dedication to ensuring that this painting would be exactly what we had in mind. You're doing a superb job!