Sunday, May 30, 2010

Head study - 5/30/10

Charcoal on newsprint


Kirstin said...

Is this another style? It’s really cool, the coolest of the female head-studies I’ve seen here, so I think. I really, really like it a lot! And the profile and the expression put me in mind of some sort of a medieval princess looking down from a hill by a fortress or out over an ocean. I’ll have to show it to my sister; she’ll think it’s awesome, too. The smudges, lines, streaks (I’m sure there’s a term for them, but I wouldn’t know it) are pretty cool as well, and give it a dream-like essence.

Bruce Hedges said...

Not really a different style --- I found this subject as I was looking through magazines for good heads to draw. She had dark hair, and I just let it merge with the background, using shading strokes going the same direction through the hair and background. It has a unifying effect. That is, it makes the subject (the woman) and the environment (background) one unit.