Monday, July 12, 2010

Head sketch - 7/12/10

Mechanical pencil on sketch pad.

This is a small quick sketch. Enlarging a small drawing makes it look less refined, rougher. Reducing the size has the opposite effect, refining the image. This head is about one and three quarters inch high. From a magazine photo.


Scott Hulme said...

I like this one a lot. Thanks for enlarging it, too. I'm able to get a much better idea of how you were able to get a mechanical pencil to achieve what you wanted. A study of the linework is very instructive!

Bruce Hedges said...

I don't use graphite very much, but I wanted to draw small and quick. I drew in a pocket-sized sketchbook, so a mechanical pencil seemed right. The basic approach is pretty much the same...darks, lights, mid values. Focus on shapes and relationships of the parts. I'm in the habit of using charcoal, but once in a while a different tool is a good idea. Your versatility is prodding me to try more tools. But mostly I'll stick with the familiar and just try to improve at seeing proportions and alignments, and getting the values and edges right.