Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ondo Dancer (blue)

Ondo Dancer (blue), by Bruce Hedges

Oil on panel 12 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches

This is not a daily painting. It's part of a three-painting set that was painted before the blog was started. The painting was inspired by watching modern performers. The costume shown is patterned after kimono styles of the 1850's. The three-painting set is titled "Ondo Taiko Ondo", and shows two Ondo dancers and a Taiko drummer. I will show the other two in the next couple of days.


Pamela Paquette said...

Another amazing painting from an amazingly talented artist! How wonderful to be able to translate from the heart as well as the eye. I look forward to more and would like to have one of your originals for my walls.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice.

Stacie said...

OH, BRUCE!! I LOVE this one!! I love ALL of them, but this one is just incredible! Thank you so much for sharing these paintings.

Karen said...

You continually amaze! WOW! You're rally something - this is lovely.