Sunday, May 20, 2007

White Roses

Oil on panel 4 x 5 inches



Stacie said...

Oh Bruce! I go to your blog every day and am so rewarded every time! Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I'd decided to leave a comment and tell you that I've found myself coming to your site every day, and someone just said the same thing about an hour ago!

It's always exciting to see your new paintings as they first appear, and I usually do a review of the previous ones too. Glad to see that you're on eBay; I'm checking that next.

This last painting is one of my favorites.

Becky said...

Stacie said it right...we're rewarded with such beauty and amazing talent when we enter here. I'm so glad you found this way to share you with us. Love it and love you!

11BSFC said...

I too am astounded with each new presentation - absolutely awe-inspiring, Bruce.

imarts said...

Each painting is more and more beautiful